(Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi - 930283)
Malappuram Dist., Kerala
India – 679 338
Phone: 04933 216077, +916235313310
E-Mail: mtikolathur@gmail.com
Secretary: P. Alavi Saquafi Kolathur
Principal: Shahul Hameed KM
Manager : Abdul Basheer N


June-2Beginning of new academic year
 Inauguration of renovated class rooms by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur, presidential address by Sayyid Nizamudheen Thangal
June-5World Environment Day ,Planting and led by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur
June-6Alif Day
Jun-19National Reading Day 
 Reading Week
(June 19-25) 
Jun-20Launching of Mazhavil Club led by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur& Guest of Honour: PT Najeeb Master Areekode
Jun-28iset Grand Finale 2021-22
Jul-04After 10th What Next? Career guidance & Counselling led by Jamal Malikkunnu (career counsellor)
 IES Parliament Election 2022-23
 Receiving Nomination
Jul-05Scrutiny & Declaration of Symbol
Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer Memorial Day
Jul-06Election Campaign
Jul-08Result announcement
Jul-22Mehandi Fest 
Talk on Cyber Crime& Drug Abuse
Jul-27Chief guest: Anvar Sadath( senior civil police officer)
Pre- mid Term Examination
Jul-31Premchand Day, Hindi program held
Aug-03Grand Launch Academy of Martial Arts
Aug-06Blaze 22
Teachers Training Program 
Inaugurated by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur
Talk by Dr.Muhammad Shareef
Aug-08Hiroshima- Nagasaki (Aug 6-9 )related programs
Aug-10Future Technology Expo 
Inaugurated by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur ;
led by  Dr. Hamza Anchumukkil
Aug-15Independence Day related offstage programs (KG,LP,UP&HS)
Independence related status competition for teachers
Aug-19Photography competition (theme: village)
Aug-29Project X 
Live Electronics Workshop
(Award ceremony, practical session, spot admission)
Aug-31Parents Orientation & Open House (Class 1st,3rd,&4th)   led by Ms. Smitha (IAME Trainer)
Sep-14Parents Orientation & Open House (5th std) led by Mr. Ashraf AP educator & trainer
September 15,19,20Talentia offstage events
September 22& 23Talentia Arts Fest
Inaugurated by Alavi Saquafi Kolathur
(Guests of Honour: TP Haris member of District Panchayat& Abdul Muneer(Vice President of Moorkkanad Grama Panchayat)
Guest: Mahfooz Rihan( Kala Prathibha ,SSF State Sahithyolsav)
Sep-24Talentia Arts Fest Prize distribution ceremony
By Sayyid Nizamudheen Thangal (PTA president)& Abdul Muneer ( Vice President of Moorkkanad Grama Panchayat)
Oct-26House base meeting was conducted in charge of July madam and Abid sir
Oct-27football semi final was conducted of Abid sir
Oct-28Answer sheets for 4th to 7th class students were distributed by all teachers
Oct-29Teachers empowerment programme (Recharge) posted by Sirajudheen parambath, Motivational speaker and Trainer
Oct-31House base football semi final (HS)boys was held in charge of Abid sir 
submission of consolidate mark list by class teachers
Nov-01Special programme by LP students on Kerala Piravi day (Kerala map formation under malayalam dpt
Staff meeting for class teachers
    Nov-1-15You Tube subscription challenge
Nov-026 to 10 th teachers meeting
Football final match (4,5,6)in charge of Abid sir
GK questions (slide form)started for LP,UP&HS
Nov-03Easy English leaders meeting (1st Tuesday)
Final match for 7th & HS students
progress card submission
Nov-08SRG meeting
Nov-10Meeting for video's promotion Leaders
Nov-11Akash Talent Examination (UP&HS)
Nov-14Children's day special programme by KG students
Nov-15SRG meeting
Annual sports meet for KG to 2nd std
Nov-16iset Examination 
sports meet semi final (KG&LP1)incharge of Abid sir,July maam and Nusrath maam
Nov-17Open house(LKG to 10th)
Abacus Training held to for parents of 1st and 2nd students
Nov-22SRG meeting
Nov-24,25,26(Sportieo) School Annual Sports Meet for UP&HS chief gust:Sunil Pulikkal Inspector of Police, Kolathur .Gust of Honour: Sayyid Nizamudheen Thangal(PTA)
Launching of National Green Corps (NGC in School)
Nov-29SRG meeting
Dec-01Easy English leaders meeting 
Dec-1 to 6Mos Exam
Dec-05Fruits Day :exhibition by KG students
Dec-06Staff meeting for all teachers
Dec-076th to 10 th class teachers and subject teachers meeting
Dec-08Video promotion Leaders meeting
Started Lets speak English
Dec-10KG tour
Dec-129th students parents meeting
Dec-13SRG meeting
10th students parents meeting
Dec-143-5 teachers meeting(class teachers and subject teachers)
Dec-17Special Class Training (SCT) online class .
 1 to 4th std students tour to Malampuzha
Dec-18SCT online class
Dec-20SRG meeting
Science Exhibition "Sanctes orexin"by Sumayya maam (coordinator) ,science teachers and heads
KG flowers day programme
Dec-21English Fest (Lingua Explora)held by Muswabira maam (co-ordinator) and English teachers
1 -2 std teachers meeting
Dec-22Food Fest (Dive in delicacies) co-ordinator Pushpalatha maam July maam and other teachers
Dec-23Nature walk(by KG students)
School closed
Dec-24SCT online class
Ootty Tour (for girls of 5th-7th std)
Dec-25SCT online class
Dec-27SRG meeting
Dec-28KG teachers meeting
Dec31-Jan1Mysore Tour for boys and girls 5-10th std
Jan-01SCT online class
Jan-02school Parliament
Jan-03Staff meeting
Reopening of school
Jan-046-10th teachers meeting
Jan-05English core leaders meeting
(5-10)PT2 Examination
Jan-7&8SCT online class
Jan-09online parents meeting(LKG A,1st A)
(key to success)Exam orientation class for 10 th students led by Abdulla Muchikel
Jan-10SRG meeting
online parents meeting(LKG B,1st B)
Star of the month (Teachers)
Jan-113-5 std teachers meeting
Online parents meeting (LKG C,1 C)
Jan-12Video promotion Leaders meeting
vivekananda(National youth day)related presentation by student
online parents meeting(LKG D&2A)
Jan-13online parents meeting(UKG A&2B)
Jan-14,15SCT online class
Jan-16online parents meeting(UKG B&2C)
Jan-17SRG meeting
online parents meeting (UKG C&2D)
Jan17-24model exam (9th,10th)
Jan-181-2 std teachers meeting 
online parents meeting(UKG D&3B)
Jan-19online parents meeting(3 B,4 A)
Jan-20online parents meeting (3 c &4 B)
Jan-21SCT online class
Jan-22SCT online class
Jan-23online parents meeting (6A&4C)
Jan-24SRG meeting
online parents meeting (6B,&7A)
Jan-25KG teachers meeting
online parents meeting(6C&7B)
Jan-26Staff empowerment programme(journey to Refresh &empower)at Attappadi led by A P Ashraf sir
Jan-27online parents meeting(5b&9A)
icon of English speaking
Jan-28SCT online class
Jan-29SCT online class
Jan-30online parents meeting(5C&10A)
Jan-31SRG meeting
Feb-016-10  Teachers meeting
school Parliament
Feb-02English core leaders meeting
school Parliament
Feb-04Awora one day camp 12 hrs for 6-9 th class by Ashraf sir,Sirajudheen sir
Feb-05SCT online class
Feb-0610th students camp
Pusthaka sancharam by Mazavil Club
Feb-07staff meeting
Feb-083-5 std teachers meeting
Feb-09vedeo promotion leaders meeting
feb-11,12SCT online class
Feb-14SRG meeting
Feb-151st,2nd teachers meeting
Feb-16parents orientation session(6,7&8th students)
Feb-18,19SCT online class
Feb-20NGC river cleaning programme held by soumya madam
Feb-21SRG meeting
Feb-22KG teachers meeting
Feb-25,26SCT online class
Feb-28SRG meeting
Mar-016-10 std teachers meeting
Mar-02English core leaders meeting
Mar-4,5SCT online class
Mar-07staff meeting
Mar-083-5 std teachers meeting
Mar-09Video promotion Leaders meeting
Mar-11,12SCT online class
Mar-14SRG meeting
Mar-15SRG meeting
Grand Assembly
CCA Exhibition, ProjectX Exhibition, Convocation ceremony(KG)
1-2 std teachers meeting 
Mar-21SRG meeting
Mar-22KG teachers meeting
Mar-28SRG meeting